Focus Areas

At Roar Seven, our focus areas of coaching include the following:

  • Self-confidence
  • Delivery
  • Speaking presence
  • Preparation
  • Content
  • Using words strategically
  • Finding your “why”
  • Leadership communication
  • How to handle stress and anxiety to harness useful energy
  • Connecting with your audience


Approach to Learning

Our team takes a few approaches to learning. Conceptual learning is all about how you understand and perceive something and how this affects the way you do it, in relation to mental concepts. With experiential learning, intellectual understanding is not enough. In order to learn something deeply, you need to experience it and observe it directly. With practical learning, the concepts must be applicable in real-life situations. It must be more than just a theory or a good idea.

Why You Should Have a Public Speaking Coach

There are lots of compelling signs that you or your business can benefit from a public speaking coach:

  • It promotes accountability, leading to growth
  • Teachers and mentors are shown historically to make a difference
  • It can transform someone into a more effective leader
  • It can challenge or breakthrough limiting beliefs
  • It can provide clarity on your purpose
  • It allows you to measure, maximise, and save time
  • It gives you someone who can help you recognize the blind spots in your speaking
  • It can improve self-confidence
  • It can teach you that you are not alone in your communication challenges
Proverbs 16:24A

Gracious words are a honeycomb

Emergency Public Speaking Sessions

We offer short notice (72 hours or less) coaching sessions for speaking engagements that cause extreme stress and panic. $150 per session.

Small Project Speech Writing

The fee for small project writing speech writing is determined by due date, project, and objective.

Benefits of Group Coaching

Under a group setting, the learning is accelerated and condensed. It is possible to experience growth and lasting change from a single workshop. You can design your own personal session, workshop, or corporate group training sessions. Whatever your needs and goals are, we will accommodate you to reach them.

Public Speaking Coach Mentor

One-on-one, no set agenda. A simple one-hour weekly meeting to discuss the continual growth of your public speaking journey, how to prepare, and how to succeed in the current challenges you are facing. Only $500 monthly.

Proverbs 15:4A

The soothing tongue is a tree of life