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Mike Harris

Mike Harris is a speaker, coach, and published author who values dedication, discipline, and desire. As an experienced leader and speaker for over twenty years, Mike brings unique perspectives gained from ministry, leadership, and Toastmasters International. These experiences empower his clients to unleash their potential. Mike sheds light on how public speaking can positively affect and enrich people’s personal lives as well as their employees.

Mike learned the value of public speaking as a missionary in Jackson, MS. It was during these years he saw firsthand the importance of public speaking in influencing a person or group’s morale. He embraced the power of speaking and decided to use it for the greater good of God and man.

Mike learned the value of dedication as a young college student participating in campus ministry. He saw that dedication is 100%, not 99%. That one percent difference is all it takes for a person’s life to go in an opposite direction. Through the years, he has witnessed the difference in dedication from public speaking, athletics, and ministry that has validated his own conviction that partial commitment is no commitment. Mike takes this dedication to his clients to assist them in reaching their goals by the power of dedication!

Mike learned the value of discipline during the early part of the Covid-19 global pandemic. It was during this time he read the book “The 5 A.M. Club” by Robin Sharma. By putting the book into practice immediately upon reading it, power crept into his life. Discipline is not an option to succeed. Discipline is necessary to succeed. Mike shows his clients how certain disciplines in their speaking endeavors will make all the difference in their lives and in the future of their business.

Mike learned the value of desire through various leadership roles in ministry, coaching youth athletics, and Toastmasters. Desire is important to success. How bad do you want it? What are you willing to sacrifice to succeed? Mike assists his clients to harness and use their own desire to achieve their public speaking goals and their business objectives.

Mike recently wrote his first book, “Roar: Ten Simple and Easy Methods on How to be Successful in Public Speaking.” He is a public speaking coach. 

Mike Harris

public speaking coach

Proverbs 18:21A

The tongue has the power of life and death


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